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Personalization at its Best - Our one-on-one tutoring programs are the most elite and specialized of our academic services. Here, students receive highly personalized instruction with customized study plans and schedules to accomplish a set of specific goals. Students get one-on-one attention with a tutor specifically matched with their personality and academic needs.

Group Sessions

Small group tutoring provides a more cost effective approach and allows students to work with classmates and friends. In this learning environment, students can work with other students and benefit greatly from each other’s strengths. Every group will have a designated tutor while learning and preparing for their specific exam, subject, or course.

Online Sessions

Tutoring via our Online Academy is an effective way for students to supplement in-person instruction. Meeting with your Sanderson Test Prep instructor online allows you to receive the same quality instruction while maximizing convenience and affordability. Online tutoring can be used to prepare for a standardized test or to earn a top grade in any of your classes.

With math not being my strongest subject, Sanderson Test Prep helped me to achieve an A in AP Calculus AB, and allowed me to feel better prepared for the AP exam. Without the help of Sanderson Test Prep, my grades in the class would not have been as great as they were.


New York University